I was reading this article about TV fans distressed without their favourite shows. I even found an Italian article which quotes the same study calling the distress "Syndrome of the last episode". I started thinking, "Isn't that I 've been so stressed and distressed lately  just because of that"? I may be, yes. 

First they wrapped-up Vicar of Dibley and I am here,  fingers crossed,  hoping they'll decide to shoot at least another special with Geraldine and her gorgeous husband, Harry Jasper Kennedy.

Then,  BBC screenwriters decided to kill Robin Hood,  the show as well as its protagonist, but worse than everything else , the programme ended with the loss of my favourite character, the sexiest baddie in a prime time TV series, Guy of Gisborne.

As if it wasn't enough, they gave us a handsome, tough, brave hero to dream about for a while  -and many of us managed even to ignore or bear the stereotypes and the scripts in this series for the love and admiration they had for its incredible protagonist - but then everything came to an end: John Porter will not be the hero of series two in Strike Back!

Traumatic, very painful contribute to my distress came from the end of Spooks story-line dedicated to Lucas North. He not only died but was first turned into a traitor, a fake, a deranged soul by the writers. He was a great character, an intriguing one, how could they do it? Spooks is going on with series 10, but watching it will be to revive the sense of loss. That's for sure.

 The medical study I mentioned at the beginning says:
However, "while some participants felt real distress at the loss of their favorite TV shows, the distress is not comparable to the distress that comes from real breakups," Moyer-Guse said. "There are some aspects of relationships with TV characters that may be comparable to real relationships, but the intensity is generally much lower."
Does this mean it won't be so difficult to recover from this syndrome? Does anybody else suffer from the same distressful symptoms?  Is there any remedy you can suggest to calm down, relieve this sense of loss? Apart from "wait on, time will heal any wound", please! Have a great weekend and ... a very careful look at this incredible site,  http://armitage-online.ucoz.ru , where you can find great help in difficult times. Miraculous "pills" against distress . Just try this one below!


Jen Marie said...

what a lovely pill. my i have another?

bccmee said...

Not sure if I suffer from that syndrome. Personally, I live in the moment and the future. I'm always most excited about the current or next project. Even when I don't like a show--which is the norm--I will watch it only for Richard Armitage. Then I wander off and read the websites, blogs, newspaper articles, and watch/create graphics and videos to continue the excitement.

Regina Jeffers said...

I'm not sure about the syndrome, but I do occasionally need a "Matthew" fix. Thank God for DVDs.
I love your posts, Maria.

Jenny Allworthy said...

My, he is yummy, isn't he? I may have to go onto YouTube to see some Harry Jasper Kennedy. Or perhaps I need some Mr. Thornton. So much yumminess out there!

Anonymous said...

I think it would be easier if we hadn't to wait so long to have another lovely RA character on the screen. That syndrome is made worse by drought...

Musa said...

Thanks for the gorgeous pill! I think it's helping my withdrawal symptoms :)

(Love your blog's new look by the way!)

Anonymous said...

Withdrawal symptoms AND last episode Syndrome: here's why I feel so depressed lately :-(
Hope PJ will release Richard asap: if it hadn't been for some sporadic voiceovers and yummy photoshoots I couldn't have survived these last months!
Have a lovely w-e everyone,
xx K/V

Maria Grazia said...

How's "mal comune, mezzo gaudio" in English? It means if you can share your sorrow, then it becomes "partly joy". At least, less painful. Maybe, this is the secret of our huge community of RA fans longing and wishing to see him back on screen:SHARING. Thanks, everybody! Have a lovely weekend.