Out today! A delightful and poignant debut that is poised to be a global sensation with foreign rights sold in 15 countries and 13 languages.

Perfect for fans of The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry and The One Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared.

A Joyous celebration of life's infinite possibilities.

If you followed  Harold Fry on his unlikely pilgrimage or you shed a tear at the opening scene of the film Up, get ready to join Arthur Pepper on a search to know his wife and a journey to find himself. 

Sixty-nine year old Yorkshireman Arthur Pepper lives a simple life. He gets up at 7.30 am, just as he did when his wife of 40 years, Miriam, was alive. He eats his breakfast, waters his plant, Frederica, and doesn’t speak to anyone unless it is absolutely necessary. But on the first anniversary of Miriam's death, something changes.

When he finally makes himself sort through Miriam's wardrobe Arthur finds an unfamiliar gold charm bracelet. Upon closer examination, he finds a telephone number on the underside of a gold elephant charm and on a whim, he picks up the phone. 

And so begins Arthur’s quest as he travels from the safety of home to London, Paris and India on an epic quest to discover, charm by charm, Miriam’s secret life before they met.  And along the way, he might just find out more about himself.

A life lesson on the infinite possibilities a human being can enjoy in life when he keeps the door of his heart open to new encounters and gets ready to undertake new paths toward self-discovery. Bizarre, touching, thought-provoking and unmissable. 

Inspired to write whilst telling her young son the stories behind her own childhood charm bracelet, Phaedra Patrick is heralded as one of this year’s most exciting debuts, with readers all around the world set to fall in love with Arthur Pepper.

Phaedra Patrick studied art and marketing and has worked as a stained glass artist, film festival organiser and communications manager. She lives in Manchester with her husband and son. 

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