Downton Abbey - Christmas Special

No spoilers, I'll resist the strong  temptation to tell you everything. And to do it, I won't write much, don't worry. I really don't want to spoil the pleasure for you to discover how this second season of Downton Abbey will end. It was a very good episode, full of emotions and great moments. I liked it very much. Brilliant finale! You will laugh, be moved and ... caught in the snowy, magical, festive atmosphere at Downton. A wonderful Christmas gift!  If you loved the first two series you won't be disappointed by this Christmas special. May I say just one little, little thing? No major spoiler promise: I missed the newly married couple. I hoped they were joining the family at least at the end of the episode. 

However, get ready to more scathing lines from Dame Maggie Smith, to be on the edge of your seat for Mr Bates facing trial for murder, to see an incredible Servants' Ball, to smile at Matthew dancing with Miss O'Brien and Mrs Patmore, to admire Lord Grantham more and more, to see someone throw a punch on someone else's face, to enjoy a dreamy finale under the snow.
Matthew and Mary's fate, you ask? I promise no spoilers, do you remember? Mr Bates and Ann? Wait and see.  There's a third series coming, you know? 
They'll start shooting it in February. Until next year then, for series 3!  And , by the way, at the end of the episode, they presented the trailer of the new costume drama written by  Julian Fellowes coming soon (in spring, they said) on ITV: Titanic. Are you going to watch it? 


luciennemachado12 said...

I loved the post! Waiting for the third season! :)

Alessia Carmicino said...

I love it!finally a great episode after the sinking of the season 2 finale.and the titanic miniseries seems extraordinary!

Anonymous said...

You can't but adore Lady Violet! I'm still laughing out loud at her "Do you promise?": great line! As for the rest of the episode (no spoilers), may I say it's the perfect ending for a 2nd series definitely too soapy for my tastes? But then, it's a Christmas Special, after all!

Jenny Allworthy said...

So glad to hear you enjoyed the Christmas special. We are waiting for the entire 2nd season here in North America (I have been good and not watched it online, as that would be not strictly speaking...legal). I am such a square about those things! PBS starts this series next week I believe so we will have Christmas in March?

Judy said...

Glad you have seen and enjoyed this special. We really enjoyed this last night - a perfect festive episode for Christmas Day. I've always loved Iain Glen since seeing him in 'Adam Bede' all those years ago, so have to keep reminding myself that I'm not supposed to like his character in this!

Cat Winchester said...

Loved it. Excellent Christmas special and with a happy ending.

Maggie Smith gets all the best lines!