Another tough episode. Inexorable rhythm from beginning to end in episode 2 of series 10. The last season... The more I watch it, the more I feel sad that it is going to end ... for good.
I really don't want to give away much to avoid spoiling the pleasure of personally watching, discovering and enjoying  the epilogue of this brilliant spy drama for you. But it is quite an impossible task. Hence, if you don't want to discover anything beforehand, neither the very little I'm going to tell you, just stop  reading here. If you don't mind, instead, or are watching the series ...

Helena & Harry, the Moonlight Sonata, and not much time to share. Very tense moment. Helena is the past coming back to haunt Harry. While they are trying to understand who is posing as Harry in order to get Helena pass them secret information, Sasha,  their son (yeah, their son!)  has to do something terrible: killing someone dear and near to him to protect his mother and her secret life. 

The theme of  how high the cost of being a spy is is the leitmotif of this episode which is a gripping, implacable demonstration of that.

Secrets are stolen from section D, MI-5 assets in key places are revealed and burnt and even killed. 
Harry to Erin: "There are two kinds of sacrifice that spies have to make. First is to give yourself completely. Risk our lives. The second is more difficult. The sacrifice of others".

Ruth longs to share with Harry some of the anxiety and worry she reads on his face, he keeps her distant and asks her to perform her duty as brilliantly as she has always done without asking for more. She tries,  but the wish to know and understand more is tempting her , so  much that she thinks of spying on Harry. Will their very special bond survive this painful trial?

I really can't think we won't have more of this. I loved every second of this new episode. 

Two very important things before I end my today's journal:

1. I must apologize with Lara Pulver. She is good as Erin. She convinced me today while drinking whisky with Harry. Sorry for doubting. I was tremendously missing the one she is substituting in section D last week. So I was watching her with ... prejudiced eyes. I've missed him this time too, of course.

2. I ended my watching in tears. Another good one's gone. No, I don't mean "good episode". Get it right, please. I was terribly sorry. But you know, we are supposed to be ready to everything. This is  Spooks!

(photos from Life of Wylie and London Evening Standard


LĂșthien84 said...

I was shocked and sad too about the ending. I wished it did not end like that cos I kinda like the good one (not giving away either) and think he still had more to offer. But this is Spooks so expect the unexpected.

Maria Grazia said...

...expect the unexpected. You're right. Something we should have learnt after all these years and a Lucas/John story-line! :-(