The possibilities of interesting meetings in the web and social networks are  infinite. But going on blogging in different areas, I am more and more astonished. I've been really lucky so far! I'm here today  to introduce one of my latest fortuitous interesting meeting to you: Kris Searle, a very talented musician.

Searle is a BBC featured artist in the UK and is enjoying his musical career both sides of the Atlantic. Since his forth award win in Los Angeles, Searle has gone on to win other awards including VH1 songwriter and other accolades so his career is breaking through. After just winning his forth Los Angeles Music Award, last year for Best Electronic/Dance Artist and the year before for Single of the Year, Kris now has 3 movie placements in 2010, 2 trans-atlantic collaborations for MTV Base channel and a collaboration coming out with his record label Inspire U Records called "Inspired Artists". His single "I Would Give You It All" has been placed on a film titled "Truth About Kerry" with Stana Katic from ABC's "Castle". He has 2 UK releases with Big Brother Celebrity Darnell and UK Rapper AYO with songs "Warning Signs" and "Honestly Remix" and he is also writing for a animation trilogy. For the rest of 2010 Searle wrote his second album "Dawn of Momentum" with producer TMAC. Last year Kris' song 'Warning Signs' was considered for a Grammy in the Best Pop collaboration with Vocals and Best Short Form Video which compliments his move into his new electro/dance/pop sound. You can listen to a TEASER of the first 6 tracks from the album here.

Here's my interview.   Meet Kris Searle and join me in wishing him good luck for the launch of his new album, "Dawn of Momentum".

How would you introduce yourself to someone who doesn’t know you at all?
Hello.  I’m Kris Searle. I’m a musician and I live to love. How are you?

When and how did you realize music was your life?
Hmm that’s a good one. I’m normally asked when I started music but realizing that music was my life was different. In fact, it wasn’t until about a year ago that I absolutely came to a realization that actually music is my life. I was battling with that for so long because at times it was such a hard existence I almost gave up. Then I remembered what my Dad and I used to talk about before he passed away and I never questioned it again.

What have the main steps in your career been so far?
Moving to Devon to work in a holiday camp, moving to London, working at the Royal Opera House, moving to America, releasing my first album, Winning 4 LA Music Awards, My Grammy consideration 2011, performing at the Viper Room on Sunset Blvd, performing at The Whisky a go go on Sunset Blvd (where Jim Morrison famously performed – and got thrown out of) 

Is there a musician/singer who has been influential in your choices?
No not really. I’ve been inspired by so many musicians and bands I can’t ever actually pick one.

Which are the greatest obstacles you’ve had to overcome or cope with?
My Dad passing away and I was living in another country.
The friendships and business relationships that break apart because of the music and money.

What do you think is indispensable to be successful in the showbiz?
Confidence and knowledge.

Have you got a routine you follow while writing /composing your songs?
I used to write on the guitar and then let the lyrics flow but it depends what I’m inspired by and who I’m writing with. Currently (whilst writing the second album with producer TMAC in the studio) I’ve been playing my ideas out loud and then building the track from there.

Have you got a target listener in your mind while writing them?
Anyone who is present to soul and sound

What are the themes you deal with?
All situations of life and what they mean to feel them... the whole entirety of the universe.

Tell us about the most difficult, and the most exciting moments in your career so far?
Losing my first record deal and a lot of money I invested into shares with the company. Collecting my awards at the LA Music Awards. Receiving my Grammy consideration and looking at the official ballot and seeing my name up there with all the top musicians of today. That was pretty awesome.

Now, what did the launch of your first album involve? What are, instead,  your many engagements at present for the launch of your second one?
I released my first album in 2008 at the M bar in Hollywood which was packed out. I went on to win Best International Showcase Artists and my producer won Best Producer for the album. Now I’m gearing up to showcase the second album and tour America... then Europe and Asia.

Could you, please, tell us something more about this CD?
The “Dawn Of Momentum” is a concept album about the universe, stars, life, love, fate etc etc and it’s my second album. This will be our first tour for an album of mine
I’ve always loved music. I studied opera singing but also worked as a dj /speaker in a local radio station,  playing pop and dance music in the 80s. Eons ago, I know. Now,  I can listen to very different types of music, from Mozart to Coldplay, from Puccini to The Script, Bruno Mars or The Muse. Italian pop music too.  What about you? Have you got a favourite kind of music instead? And is there any kind of music you would never listen to?
I listen to all music but I must say I listen to Jazz the least. I love soul. I love Rock and Roll and Disco. Pop and Dance are great and Classical holds some of the most incredibly beautiful music I’ve heard in my lifetime, and maybe ever will. But my favorite music I’ve ever heard is when somebody combines classical with modern dance. That can be so incredible and I appreciate it because it crosses a boarder and reached out classical music to all different cultures and so many more people. I really like choral music too. I was one of the youngest sopranos in England when I sang with the National Youth Choir and Kent Youth Singers. The best thing about studying music and writing music is every form of music is beautiful.. even just a drum beat on a conga. The rhythm is like a heart. It’s the most incredible feeling I know.

So, Kris, where can we meet you and enjoy your music live in the next future? 

I’d say go to my website www.krissearle.com and sign up to the newsletter and you will get updates about the second album and tour. Better still.. go to my facebook fan page and get all events upcoming there.

That’s all.  It's been a huge "virtual" pleasure to meet you and have the possibility to e-interview you. 
Good luck to you and great success to your music, Kris. Thanks again for being my guest on FLY HIGH!


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