Yes,  you are right ... first news about Strike Back 2  have started spreading about and here we have the new protagonist, an American actor, Sullivan Stapleton. The article introducing him as the new lead in the upcoming  series states:
Excuse me,  do you know where John Porter is ? New Zealand? Under cover?

" Strike Back, co-produced with Sky in Britain, is based on the action novel by former soldier Chris Ryan. The first series, which starred Brit Richard Armitage, was received well by critics and fans, but Armitage had to drop out to accept the role of Thorin in The Hobbit". 
 He had to? Well , he wanted to ... he'd rather  to ... But we also read he would be in some episodes . Not as the protagonist , but  of course as a link to the previous series,  he will appear as John Porter also in this second series.   At least these were the rumours some time ago.

Leaving for New Zealand but ... I'll be back. Watch your back, man!
 What is great news then, you must be wondering. None of the above. Not to me at least. "My great piece of  news" is that after months of insistent but kind suggestions, my husband accepted to see Strike Back! He has got the flu, actually,  and has been at home for a few days now. He was looking for something to watch to pass his idle time in bed ...and I moved in to attack! Well, he surrendered. He had strenuously resisted for months but the flu must have weakened his will and... Antonio saw his first whole work with Richard Armitage. Do you remember my interview with him about Richard? How he played the tolerant, not very jealous, understanding husband ? He is indeed tolerant and understanding but ... jealous HE IS too!!!
Read among the lines and beyond the words of the short review he accepted to write for FLY HIGH!


MG (and not only she!) insisted and insisted until I had to give in : today I've seen Strike Back! It was not that I was prejudiced against this TV series or its protagonist , ehm ... but I didn't feel like watching it, not at all. I can't explain exactly why.
However, I put the DVD on and I had to put up with
darling good Richard for about 6 hours.
I'm not going to write about the plot or the cast ( I bet MG already did that and you all are better informed than me). 
I'll just say: beautiful the 3 different locations for the 6 episodes, good quick pace in the narration, high-level performances and fairly good scripts. No boring moments in the plots, I followed the whole of it with interest. There were even surprises, unexpected twists and ... imaginative solutions to hide a pocketknife  you may need in danger.
I can't deny the protagonist, you know who I mean, has got a great figure and skills, though his character does speak very little! Very few words for the tough action hero. He never speaks for more then 10 seconds.
My impression on the whole is positive, then.
Only I've got a personal message for RA and I'm going to use Masuku's words: "It'll be better once I'm in heaven,  I won't discover you are not yet there!
Gosh, Anto! What do you mean by that? Poor RA! Do you want him die? 
"No, I don't want him still around for you once I'm no longer here ... OK... don't get angry ...  Just joking!"


Phylly3 said...

Oh very well done MG! Poor Antonio with the flu. I hope you feel better now, kind sir! I am glad he enjoyed it. And I think it's hilarious that he is jealous! Too sweet!
You made my day!
P.S. My husband was very interested in Antonio's interview. (I think he wants me to interview him too!) Now I can show him this and maybe he will relent and watch Strike Back too!

Avalon said...

Glad to hear about Strike Back 2.

Cool that your hubby watched Strike Back.

Love Anto's response:) Very good sport.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Anto watched it, at last! And glad he enjoyed it, as I knew he would :)
But of course he's jealous of Richard's John Porter, poor lamb: who wouldn't?
One can't compete with such a hero!
The only flaw he's been able to find about Porter is that he doesn't talk much, but that's not fair: everybody know that the REAL action hero doesn't talk, just look at James Bond. He only has short lines, and possibly some sharp, tongue-in-cheek joke.
Time to make him start watching Spooks, perhaps? :)
xx K

Suwaida said...

My husband starts cracking jokes about anything and everything the moment he starts watching something with Armitage in it. It's only when I'm through being mad at him that I realize he's just jealous! Cute! The only thing he watched without getting offended was The Vicar of Dibley. He laughed with me then rather than at the production! As for Robin Hood, he only watched the parts with Marian quietly! Sheesh! Men are such... men!
Will try again with Strike Back since its macho content is appealing to husbands! Thanks Antonio! And don't be too jealous: RA's characters are fantasy and you husbands are real (and wonderful!)

tyme_4_t said...

Great post and I think your husband is adorable!
Funny thing...since you stopped with RA Fridays, you have posted twice in a row about RA! No complaints, but isn't it great to just post about RA when the mood hits you with no pressure :)

Anonymous said...

Nice 'review' by Antonio, how sweet he is indeed a bit jealous. I actually haven't noticed JP speaks so little, maybe I was concentrated on his 'great figure and skills' :P

Haven't been around the net much lately and so didn't know about this new lead for SB2...he looks good and fits the macho-action hero. I'll miss RA's tough but british classiness.

OML :)