I hope you are going on enjoying meeting my very special blogger buddies. What an incredible source of incredible acquaintances blogging can be! Last weekend it was Traxy's turn. Have you visited her THE SQUEEE? A really entertaining and interesting blog. You can't miss it! Have you read her interview? Now it's time to reveal who won her giveaway of a collection of short stories by very remarkable writers, SPEAKING WITH THE ANGEL.

And the winner is .... RUTH at Booktalk & More!!!

This week another great giveaway, a double one. Read Marie Burton's interview (HERE), comment , leave your e-mail address and you'll have the chance to win the two books above!


Unknown said...

Woo-hoo, this is awesome!! Thank you Maria and Traxy!! Maria - I got your email on GoodReads, just haven't had the chance to write you back yet - will get to that asap today.

Avalon said...

Congratulations Ruth!

Luciana said...

Congratulations Ruth! I hope you'll post the review at your blof afterwards.

Traxy said...

Congrats! :D I'll try to get to the post office before the weekend.

A head's up: it's not the same cover as above, it looks like this. :)