Day 1 and 2- Saturday and Sunday
Easter time! I am in London these days. It is overcrowded with visitors from all over the world, cloudy and wet as usual, but always extremely attractive and exciting.
We arrived yesterday and went to Piccadilly Circus...It is one of the most crowded meeting places and landmarks in London but we didn't expect that crowd!

Tamil people protesting in Piccadilly Circus

Once Regent Street was cleared, we walked along it down to the Mall and found these extraordinary spring colours all around Buckingham Palace and at St. James's Park.

Today, instead, Easter Sunday, we went to Greenwich on a river cruise ...

... went back by boat again and visited the Tower of London ...

We couldn't see the Crown Jewels - well... actually, we gave up 'cause the queue was terribly long - but we went to the Bloody Tower and, inside the White Tower, visited an impressive exhibition of arms and armours belonged to Henry VIII: DRESSED TO KILL!

After crossing Tower Bridge, we walked along the riverside and had a look at Soutwark Cathedral and Shakespeare's Globe...

We then got to St. Paul's Cathedral walking over the Millenium Bridge ...

... then went back in an Italian-style- full double - decker English bus ( the subway was partially closed today) walked around the Houses of Parliament ( the Tamil protest was there this time!) ... ... and , finally, took the brown Bakerloo underground line ( among the few ones working today) to our hotel in Baker Street. Our feet and legs were begging for some rest!


Anonymous said...

hello auntie,
the pictures are very nice!!!!!I hope someday I could visit these wonderful places too.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I'm Lisa!!!