(by guest blogger Candace Meyer) Writing a book is one of the goals of aspiring authors and bestseller writers. To be able to create a really good book is already an achievement how much more if you were given a book contract and somebody wants to publish your work. If you want to enter in the world of book writing business, you have to be prepared mentally, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Why? It is because learning how to write a book effectively is already a daunting task. Keep moving, editing your writing, and working with editors and publishers are another big challenges.

Before you jump-start your book writing project you have to ask yourself first, "Why write a book?". As a writer, it is important that you know your purpose and objectives of why pursuing such big writing project. Most writers think that writing a book is a hard work. It requires a lot of time and it takes a really long time before you can see the final product. Aside from that, there's always risks and one of which is that there might be no one who will read it. But why would you think of those not-so-good things if your goal is focused to successfully finish a good book, right? Instead of being pessimist, why not get your creative juices flowing and start working on it.

To get you started, here's creative strategies that will kick-start your book writing project:

* Break the monotony

No one can start writing a nice draft if you don't have inspiration. Staring on your computer or into a blank paper will only make you insane. Creativity usually strikes when you are in a place that is conducive for your writing. Go out and look around. Let your imagination works as you see various things happening around you. Most writers want to travel or take a road trip to come up with really good ideas for their book.

* Tools needed in writing - wisdom from other writers, writing instruments, writing technique, inspiration and a clear mind

People think that a writer only needs a pen, paper, or a computer before she can write a book. Well, those things are vital in such project but those are not enough to come up with an interesting story. As a novice writer, you can greatly benefit from the wisdom and advice of other writers. It will help you improve your skills and give you a strong drive to keep going in your writing.

* Uncover your five senses

Every writer has to maximize the use of his five senses. Ordinary people don't care much of what they normally see or feel everyday, who cares about the noise coming from their surrounding, why would it matter to them the smell or taste of something? For them, all these simple things are not that important but to a writer like you, it can help you boost your creativity. A writer's eyes can see things beyond on what people normally see. He can hear sounds or noises that might have missed by others. He has five senses and he can use these to create an excellent story out of ordinary things. 

* A good story starts with a single word

Writer's block can paralyze your drive in creative writing. Do not use writer's block as an excuse to procrastinate and leave your written work hanging. There are many ways how to beat writer's block and the easiest is writing a single word. A book which has hundreds or thousand pages begins with one word. If you are really serious in your goal to write a book then start doing that easy action.

As you work on your book, do not let any wall stops your from writing. Just like what Kerri Majors said in her interview"Don’t do anything that will kill your creative writing." Keep on writing and never give up. To be successful in the book writing industry will truly takes a long time same thing goes in honing your craft. Don't hurry yourself to publish something. All you have to do is start and keep writing until you're ready to get that chance to share your work to the world.  

Author Bio:

Candace Meyer is a freelance writer in a writing service in Australia. She's presently taking her master's degree in Communication arts and doing some freelance jobs. She likes to blog a lot and she has been an active contributor to some websites. You can visit her blog and add her in google+ and twitter.

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