This is the second home-made video I uploaded on my utube channel. It is a real family product: I planned, designed and chose the scenes to put in the clip and my husband was my very precious and personal software expert. We spent a few evenings watching, cutting and pasting scenes of BBC Robin Hood from all the 3 series with the beginning of the audiobook THE WITCHFINDERS, read by Richard Armitage. I even dreamt of Guy of Gisborne at night due to the overexposure or overdose. Wasn't my husband jelous? If he was or is, he doesn't give any exterior sign of that! So, this is the final result. Not perfect, but a good one for beginners, I think.
And since today it's Richard Armitage's birthday it is meant as a small humble gift, if not to him, to all his admirers (he hates the word fans).


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Lotta Dahl said...

I'm not sure if my comment went through or not. They haven't been lately so I thought I'd post it again! lol

Wonderful video, I actually have this audio book but have been saving ti for a rainy day! lol... the voice, oh lord the voice!

Luciana said...

Oh, I've just loved your video! Richard has such a wonderful voice! Oh, and your husband is a saint!

Maria Grazia said...

@Jenny & Luciana
I'm glad you liked our video. Yes, Richard's voice is something incredibly thrilling. I like it so much! And my husband is, well, not a saint but a very generous understanding human being!

Elvira said...

I agree with the three of you that he has a wonderful voice. Just yesterday, I was telling some friends that I could easily fall in love with a beautiful voice. :-) And we remembered another actor with a great voice: Jeremy Irons.

I also agree that your husband is a very generous person. Other husbands would have been a little jealous and not very helpful. Good for both of you!!! The result is great.

Maria Grazia said...

Hola amiga mìa! You are always so kind! You're right: Jeremy Irons too has a compelling voice and he is a terrific actor also. I loved his Antonio in "The Merchant of Venice".

Avalon said...

This is really good! I will have to take time and explore your u-tube page.
How sweet of your hubby to help you.
I would like to dream about Gisborne (I think I like the baddie more then I do the real R.A)....You are soooo lucky to dream of him. Hope it was a good dream!

Phylly3 said...

Maria! This video is very good! I have watched it before on Youtube and didn't realize it was you who made it.
I am going to check out your other videos.
Now I would also like to own some of RA's audio books. I have never been a fan of audio books, but you are so right about his voice and the way he can do so many different characters so effortlessly is quite amazing!