Emily Snyder is a director, writer, teacher who lives in Massachusetts, US. We all know how easy it is to make acquaintances and friends in the blogosphere, especially when you find so many interesting people who share your same passions. And Emily and I share some: literature, teaching, Jane Austen among others. 
So, when she invited me to her Teatime Ten, how could I decline? I said, Yes, of course, and had great fun chatting with her on a cup of good English tea. An Italian and an American? Well, why not? Join us. We talked about books, literary heroes and heroines, teaching, blogging and tall, dark, handsome, blue-eyed Brits ...or more precisely A tall, dark, handsome, blue-eyed Brit: Richard Armitage. It was some time I didn't mention him here on FLY HIGH... Wasn't it? 

Ok, then. Will you join us?   I'll wait for you at Emily's.  CLICK HERE.


Trudy said...

It's nice to meet you, Maria and Emily. And I thought you lived and breathed all things concerning this blog. We all have a real life as well, don't we?

Maria Grazia said...

@Margaret Thornton

Real life? That's what we also discussed in our chat with Emily. Teaching, correcting, didactic planning is what we do most of the time. Then, as I say at the end of the post at Emily's, what about being a mother, wife, cook, housewife, driver... Our lives are not only Shakespeare and Austen. Or Gaskell as well;-) But it wouldn't be that fun to blog about ironing, hoovering, dusting or cooking. Maybe you can't understand how boring and tiring that is, Margaret. Your Mr Thornton has got his number of servants at Marlborough Mills, hasn't he? Lucky you! That's why I don't like talking "real life" :-/ I prefer blogging about the things that make me forget real life. Is that so wrong?
However, it was an honor to have you join us for a cup of tea. Till later on, for the second page of your diary. Thank you!