I'm sure having a look all over this blog you'll think I'm one of the latest acolytes who joined Spooks fans just because Richard Armitage had been recruited by MI5 Section D. But, no, I'm not. And  unfortunately so, because that would have made it easier for me to face the very end of the show. I would have suffered at RA's leaving the show (which I did, not because he left but because of what they made of his character  before his departure), not so much now. I could have even avoided watching this last ever series. 

I saw it instead, I couldn't have missed it,  and liked it as much as any other series of Spooks. This last series was not the best, maybe, but it was special because it was a bitter/sweet experience: I went on enjoying each minute of  it,  knowing that it would be one of the last.
It ended staying true to Spooks style, to its being an intelligent, low-cost, more introspective  than action-based  series.They closed with 6 great episodes.

I've started this post soon after watching the amazing but devastating final episode last week . I didn't want to write something too sad, mournful, plaintive. That's why I stopped and only last night, on the first Sunday night without new episodes of Spooks to watch,  I remembered I hadn't posted my weekly journal. 
Anyway, I won't do it, neither now. I'm not writing specifically about the last episode (Someone died... so sad, but brilliantly acted) and its final moments (welcome back, Tom Quinn! Are they bringing back old glories to prepare the path to a movie? That would be great!)

I'd like to say goodbye to my favourite series talking about my favourite moments, characters, episodes. Get ready to a good deal of Lucas North, of course. You know, Richard Armitage may not be the reason why I started watching it , but his presence increased my already existing enthusiasm for the series pretty much. 

Favourite cliffhanger - End of series one - Episode 6 "Do or Die"

Tom Quinn has taken home a laptop from work ... 
He had fortified his home with an electronic system to protect his woman and her daughter... 
They are now blocked inside his house, no way to leave. The laptop is actually a time bomb...
The end. Spooks will be back next year...
The hardest one. Thanks God I started watching Spooks on satellite TV from series 3, then I went back to 1 and 2 together on DVD,  so I hadn't to wait that long to know what was next. But do you remember how terrible it was? After the scene of the deep-frying pan in episode 2, I was pretty sure they will make them all die in the blast. Instead, for once Spooks scriptwriters had mercy on us!

Favourite episode:  Series 7 Episode 6 -  Accidental Discovery

Lucas has to convince Dean and his mother they are in danger and must leave their house
The three on the run from MI6 agents 
Lucas  likes playing the father ...
On the run again ...
Fast paced and ...
... packed with action, this episode ends ... 
... in shock and tears. Brilliant!
Lucas North, the MI5 agent back to the Grid after 8 years in a Russian prison,  has to protect Dean Mitchell,  a teenager in possession of a prototypical weapon that is capable of shutting down all electrical systems in a vehicle. Dean, his mother  and Lucas are threatened by MI6 agents with the order to kill them. To protect Dean and his mother, finally  Lucas finds a way to send them to Spain but, once at the station,  Dean refuses to leave ... Lucas didn't think that to cope with a teenager would be one of his most difficult tasks. Touching finale  with an astonishing Richard Armitage. I can't tell you exactly why but this is one of the episodes I'll never forget. One of the best episode in my best favourite season.

Favourite couple - Adam and Fiona Carter

Both spies, they were a brilliant team and a gorgeous couple. They worked together - only in a few episodes  between series 3 and 4 - and dreamt of a good life together bringing  up their son, Wes. Fiona died in Adam's arms killed by her ex- husband. They all  had believed he had been hanged years before. Adam never actually recovered from losing her, until he himself heroically died in an explosion at the beginning of series 7.

Favourite female character

I've actually got three here...
Jo Portman (Miranda Raison) - Recruited by Adam Carter in series 4
Tragic, brave, clever Ruth Evershed (Nicola Walker)
Tough, cold, Ros Myers (Hermione Norris). The coolest female agent on the Grid.
Favourite kissing scene - Ep. 3 series 9 Lucas /Maya 

First of all a picture is not enough. Then, the idea he's not Lucas but a John Bateman disturbs me. What about re-watching the entire scene and forget about that John Bateman? His voice, his stare,  his physical  dominance convey anxiety,  urging desire... We had been promised a hot scene on a kitchen table which never was ... just a picture in the hands of their enemies. (My previous post on series 9, ep. 3 - Have you closed your eyes?)

Favourite on-the-bench scene 

Bloody Internet!
No Ruth/Harry, sorry, though they were the pillars of the series and, at this point,  no one can deny the truth. However, my favourite on-the-bench scene is from series 7: Lucas must sit on one to bear the hit he receives at discovering who his handler in his double-agent game is ... You'll find this tense, touching on-the-bench conversation in this video  from 1:25 to 2:30

Favourite Double - Agent

Gemma Jones as Connie James
Connie James. Stuff of legend, as Lucas North calls her at meeting her at the Grid. Brilliant senior agent who  comes out to be a double agent working for Russia at the end of series 7. She redeems herself saving London from an atomic explosion and sacrificing her own life. It was she who sold Lucas to the Russians ...

Favourite male character - Lucas North in series 7

No surprise. You'll find a lot about my love for this character all around FLY HIGH! One of my favourite characters among the many in Mr A.'s career. If only they hadn't done what they did - the production, the scriptwriters-  to such a brilliant, promising lead spook  ...

Favourite Spooks Dream

A film with all the lead characters together. Sir Harry Pierce leading a high-risk mission with all his best men and women: Ruth Evershed, Tom Quinn, Zoe Reynolds, Adam Carter, Ros Myers, Dimitri Lavendis, Lucas North, Jo Portman. It'll remain just a dream, I know. But dreams cost nothing.

Farewell, Spooks. Always alive in our memory. Always high in our esteem. Thanks BBC for this incredibly intelligent spy drama!


Anonymous said...

I wondered why you hadn't already written about the last episode. Thank you for this last long Spooks post. I have still to watch Series 5 and 6...

Maria Grazia said...

I've seen them all. And I'll miss this series greatly. I envy you the fact there are series and episodes you still have to discover!

They stopped at series 5 here in Italy. But I hated to watch them dubbed (always the same old story). I saw the first 5 series in English on BBC Prime (now BBC Entertainment) then on DVDs and thanks to friends.
I haven't got BBC Entertainment among my SKY pack channels ... Must ask my husband...Christmas is near!

Traxy said...

I saw series one way back when it first came out, and I still lived in Sweden ... so I don't remember any of it. Then I didn't pick up the thread again until series seven, so the whole significance of "OMG TOM QUINN AND THE RUSSIANS!!" at the end was completely lost on me, as I have no idea how he was written out of the series or under what circumstances. As you've seen all series of Spooks, maybe you could enlighten those of us who are completely clueless? :)

Maria Grazia said...

Thanks for your comment, Traxy. I can't enlighten anybody since I was myself puzzled by Tom Quinn visiting his former boss's enemy. He had been decomissioned because of a nervous breakdown (?). He could not be emotionally reliable anylonger. Remembering his character as he was, I'm more inclined to think he was sent there by Harry to avenge MI5's recent losses. But, since it is the very end of it, we all will be left with our doubts and suppositions.

Anonymous said...

Spooks was an amazing series and I am so gutted because I must confess I was dreaming to audition for one of the characters!!
It's also so unfair it was showed at the same time as Downton Abbey!
What do you think of Luther, have you checked it out? I personally would have preferred the BBC to do an other series of Spooks than Luther. The writing is really not compelling and the main character is so one dimensional!

Maria Grazia said...

Hello, Lara! I would have loved to recognize your lovely face in one of Spooks episodes!
So sad it has gone for good!
What do you think of Downton Abbey, instead? I have the impression the scripts are losing coherence and continuity. I love the atmosphere and some of the actors are awesome (Dame Smith is irresistible!) but some twists are so foreseeable and others implausible. However, I promised myself to wait for the end before writing about it.
Luther. I've heard and read about it before making up my mind that it was not my cup of tea. From what you wrote, I made the right choice!
Fingers crossed for your career!

Traxy said...

Thanks for the clarification, MG. It still helped understand it better. Like you say, maybe he was there to be Harry's avenging angel, or maybe ... well, who knows? :)