Teaching, undoubtedly one of the most demanding professions, is often associated with burnout and health concerns. While I acknowledge the inherent stress that comes with the job, I can't help but wonder why I still hold such a deep love for it, even as retirement approaches, casting a shadow over my career. Admittedly, I'm aware that my days of being as effective and active as required to engage with energetic teenage students are numbered. However, instead of succumbing to sadness about the inevitable transition, I'm working on embracing this new phase of life with acceptance. Here's why I still adore my teaching profession...

  1. I Love Whom I Teach

  2. Teaching isn't just about imparting knowledge, it's about connecting with students on a personal level. I've made it my mission to understand their world better. I dive into their interests, read about their generation, and watch what they enjoy to gain insights that help me create stimulating lesson materials. Striking a balance between being demanding and sympathetic, I prioritize their feelings and needs. Every day, I experiment with different strategies to motivate them. Being around young people fills me with energy and strength, and sometimes, it feels like I'm absorbing their youthful vitality.

  3. I Love What I Teach

  4. My passion for the English language and British culture has been a lifelong affair that began when I was just 11 years old. This enduring love affair has naturally led me to a career in teaching English as a foreign language and English literature, particularly in the final years of high school.

  5. I Love the Way I Teach

  6. One of the secrets to my enduring enthusiasm for teaching is my ability to integrate my personal passions and hobbies into my lessons. Here's how I do it:

    • Blogging: I've encouraged my students to create a web magazine in English, and I've even set up a blog, LEARN ONLINE, filled with valuable lesson materials.

    • Multimedia Approach: I incorporate multimedia elements into my lessons by combining reading with visual content, such as period dramas and costume movies.

    • Travel: I've had the privilege of accompanying my students on overseas trips, organizing class exchanges and host family stays coupled with language courses.

    • Diverse Resources: I constantly explore various resources like books, songs, authors, themes, and magazines to align my teaching with my students' interests.

    • Lesson Recordings: The advent of the Covid era prompted me to record lessons for my students, a practice that proved invaluable even after the pandemic had passed.

    • Personal Journals: I encourage my students to maintain personal journals in English, and occasionally, I read their entries to foster self-expression and language development.

  1. Teaching may indeed be an arduous journey, but it's one I wouldn't trade for anything. My connection with my students, my love for the subjects I teach, and the creative ways I've embraced in my teaching method make it an incredibly rewarding profession. As retirement looms, I'm not merely resigning myself to growing older and poorer; instead, I'm preparing to embark on a new chapter with a wealth of cherished memories and experiences to carry with me.

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