Today the Internet provides people with tons of useful and interesting information. There is no need to go to the library or pay enormous sums of money in order to read desired book or article. It is possible to find great amounts of information in the vastness of the Internet. Thus, it is extremely important for modern people to read more information and apply useful reading techniques that can improve person’s reading skills. Here are some tips that can be beneficial for readers:
            1. Scanning and Skimming. These methods of speed reading involve scanning of the whole text and identifying the main points of the text. The main idea of these techniques is that person highlights the most important parts of the text and concentrates on the most useful facts. There is no need to read the whole text word by word in order to define the most valuable data. It is beneficial to look through introduction and conclusion in order to receive sufficient knowledge. Additionally, it is recommended to identify topic sentences that contain general information related to certain page or the whole text.
            2. It is important for persons to read without talking to themselves. Noteworthy, the majority of people pronounce words in their mind in the process of reading. The organs of speech function involuntarily even when people read to themselves. It limits the speed of reading. Thus, it is necessary to avoid spelling of the words when reading to oneself in order to improve reading skills. Chewing a gum or eating a lollipop in the process of reading can help break this habit.
            3. It is significant to avoid unnecessary eye movements. People focus on particular words or word combinations. Consequently, it interrupts the process of reading. Usually people perceive information when they concentrate on certain words. The main idea of this method is to make fewer movements in the process of reading. It may be beneficial for readers to divide a page into sections and focus on these parts of a page instead of reading particular words. This method requires continuous trainings and practice.
            4. Moreover, some scientists claim that it is useful to train reading reflexes. The main idea is that human brain can recognize the meaning of the words faster than it occurs in the process of reading. For this reason, it is important to increase average speed of movement through the text not focusing on the meaning of the words. Continuous practice of this technique can help recognize the words faster and improve reading skills in the long run.
             5. Overall, it is significant to time speed of reading and count the number of words. It may be beneficial to set personal reading goals associated with number of words per minute. Persons should strive to read faster and receive more information. It is essential for persons to notice positive results and progress in their work. Everyday speed reading test, continuous trainings and practice are beneficial for people and increase average speed of reading.

Guest blogger: Melisa Marzett

Reading plays very important role in life of modern people. It provides people with useful and interesting facts. Modern people need to get great amounts of information in order to be intelligent persons. Moreover, it is important to find reliable and entertaining sources of information. Melisa Marzett is famous blogger who has extraordinary writing skills. She is the author of various articles related to different topics. Now she works for Live Custom Writing Here you can find more useful and exciting articles by Melisa Marzett.

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dstoutholcomb said...

When I was in elementary school, I remember watching short films to encourage speed reading.