When my American friend, Don Hutcheson, asked me to join him on skype for an audio interview I was puzzled: what could I possibly tell him which could sound interesting? And, especially, how could an English - speaking audience appreciate anything uttered in my awkward English? I know my accent is definitely foreign to mother-tongue speakers' ears, so I was worried and a bit scared and couldn't make my decision easily. Once he sent me his questions and the description of the aim of his new podcast site, I was even more worried and more scared. 

Discover Your Talent ~ Do What You Love is a daily podcast series hosted by Don Hutcheson. Every day of the week Don interviews someone from around the world who has discovered her true talents and abilities and figured out how to use them doing work she loves.
 The podcast series is designed for people of every age and background who are looking to build a life and career that uses the best of who they are to enjoy a life of success, satisfaction and freedom.
Don has been a pioneer in the field of education, career and life planning for 35 years as an inventor, entrepreneur, author and coach:

"Every one of us is born with unique talents and gifts. They are hardwired into us. We don’t learn them and we can’t ignore them. They are just a part of who we are—our DNA.

“Some of us discover our talents at an early age, some much later in life. Whenever we discover them and use them in our lives and careers, we do not merely survive, we thrive in every way possible.”  

Each individual that Don interviews shares his life journey—his victories and setbacks, his supporters and detractors, the steps he took to begin using his talents more fully, and the life-changing Point of No Return when he realized he would never go back to a career that did not use his talents and gifts every day.

Also, twice a week Don interviews a different expert in the field of education, career and life planning who shares their experiences helping people break the pattern of unfulfilling work and escape from an unsatisfying career.

Experts share tools and processes that help make the journey more manageable and the end result happen faster.

Now, can you guess how thrilled I was at being invited to be part of such a great project? I was also humbled because I really didn't think my life or career choices could be inspirational in any way. But Don insisted telling me I could be useful to other people, that the fact I did what I loved as a profession, teaching,  and also as a hobby, blogging,  could be enough. So I accepted, I embraced this new adventure and faced my first skype interview. 

It was fun and this is the result. Thanks a lot to my friend, Don! 

This podcast and all the other in the series are also available on 
itunes for free download 
and on Stitcher


dstoutholcomb said...

loved listening to your interview

Anonymous said...

Lovely in-depth interview, MG!
And AWWWWWW! you even talk about US! :)
xx K/V

Maria Grazia said...

Thanks for reading, listening and commenting, dstoutholcomb and K/V!
Of course, I talked about you K/V. You are part of the best moments in my recent life, don't you know?

Anonymous said...

Dear MG, now you've succeeded in making me speechless, for a change :D
xx K/V