(by guest blogger Katheryn Rivas)
At the end of almost every Disney fairytale, we see an innocent, kind-hearted princess marrying a wealthy, handsome prince. When we're young, inexperienced, and naïve, these kinds of love stories don't seem too far-fetched or abnormal at all. Through years of watching Disney movies and reading lighthearted children's literature, we are cursed from the beginning into believing that love is simple, easy to find, and eternally everlasting. Those of us who have already entered the dating world know better. Love isn't fun and games; it's a ruthless battlefield.

It's funny how the tone of romantic literature evolves as we grow older. As we get deeper and deeper into our twenties, thirties, and forties, our views of love transition from being innocent and optimistic to something much more confusing and complicated. In fact, some of the most popular literature on shelves today draws attention to this very phenomenon. Nowadays, people are picking up heartfelt dating memoirs and confessionals and reading them one right after the other. Here are four reasons why dating memoirs like Bridget Jones's Diary and He's Just Not That Into You have become so popular in modern culture.

They're Relatable

Do you ever find yourself skimming through the pages of your latest read thinking to yourself, 'I know exactly what they mean!' Part of what makes dating memoirs so popular is the fact that they are universally relatable. Dating is something we must all go through, and a number of our experiences are inevitably going to seem very similar, such as sending ridiculous flirty texts, waiting by the phone, feeling dejected when someone we weren't even that into hasn't called. Though we are designed to be unique, all of us naturally get caught up in the same patterns and behaviors when pursuing love.

They Provide Comedic Relief

Getting your heart broken can be one of the most painful experiences in the world. There is nothing worse than longing for your heart's desire, only to find they don't long for you. Dating memoirs provide a much-needed comedic relief to the hectic world of dating. Many of us love to burst out laughing reading about characters like Bridget Jones who must endure the most embarrassing circumstances of all in order to find love. In the moment, ending a relationship, dating jerk after jerk, and moving on can feel horribly disheartening and frustrating, yet over time we get through the hardships with the help of a little comedy. Dating memoirs are one of those things that get us through the tough times.

We Can Learn from their Mistakes

It wasn't until I read "He's JustNot That Into You" that I realized how ridiculous I acted in my own dating life. I behaved like many of the women did in the book: laying around hoping your date will call, making up excuses for reasons he's not interested, or pretending you're not interested just so he'll start to be. One of the greatest things dating memoirs provide us with is some insight into the way we date in modern times. By watching a character demonstrate and reenact our own behaviors, we are able to gauge how we feel about those particular patterns. In fact, dating memoirs serve as pseudo self-help books in some fashion, and we can't help but take away a better perspective when we're done reading them.

There are Always Hints of Optimism

Even though dating memoirs have tendencies of being generally sarcastic and witty, there always seems to be tidbits of optimism and hope weaved into them. Think about it: at the end of most of these memoirs, the main character has some grand realization or ends up with a great boyfriend or girlfriend. Books must have a meaning, theme, or purpose in order to sell, and that's why many of these books aim to bring a sense of clarity and purpose to the woes of failed romances.
Disastrous dating memoirs are some of the best sellers in book titles nowadays, and it's no surprise why. With a genre that delivers so much perspective, comedic relief, and optimism, it's hard to resist buying these romantic titles.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. I've been married for 35 years so it's kind of hard to relate to the dating world at all. I have only seen Bridget Jones Diary and none of the rest. However after going thru the dating scene with my daughters and with my granddaughters upcoming events maybe I should brush up to be prepared again......ugh